Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation (RIF) is a Sec 8 Company Promoted by Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. RIF is a Not-for-Profit Centre dedicated to nurture Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship with its Board of Directors and Chairman. It is a nationally connected framework for Angel Investors, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Incubatees, Innovators, Creative Minds, Investors, Corporate Partners, Academic Association, Professional Resources, Mentors, Experts, Consultants, Advisors and Faculties from inside and outside University for the incubatee companies, equipped with CA/CS , Accountants , Lawyers Facility, Idea/Technology Display, Banking Support , Venture Capitalists , other Investors and Seed Funds to provide necessary support to help incubatees,start-Ups, entrepreneurs and innovators survive in the competitive market and reach a stage where they can scale-up their ventures further.


RIF aims to build and share resources including space and infrastructure, creation for business incubation activities access to business support services, training programmes to enhance the skills of entrepreneurs, incubates and start-ups. RIF aims to coordinate, synergize and leverage the various strands of excellence driving innovation and entrepreneurship in a thriving ecosystem consisting of research, innovation, industrial interactions and incubation in various sectors.

RIF supports incubatees and entrepreneurs from inside and outside University and its Affiliated Colleges in creating successful business ventures that can translate benefits from technology and knowledge innovations to the society at large.

RIF is also promoting following activities with strong technological, social and strategic impact:
  • Not for Profit Centre.

  • Technology Business Incubation & Technology Commercialization Program.

  • Training and Awareness Programs in Entrepreneurship.

  • Competitive Events, Hackathon, Ideathon, Social Innovation Activities, Lectures and Workshops, Technical Events, Seminars, Conferences, Case Studies, Business Plan Competitions, Innovators Camps etc.

  • Promoting Innovations in Individuals, Start-ups, MSMEs and others in Govt & Non- Govt. Sectors.

  • Networking and Interfacing between Academic, R & D Institutions, Industries and Financial Institutions.

  • Other relevant Activities


Different Sectors where incubation can be provided are among, but not limited to:

Earth System Sciences ,Rural Technologies, Industrial Solutions, Engineering & Technology, Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Biotechnology, Food Technology, Artificial intelligence ,Augmented Reality, Big Data and Analytics, Image processing and Recognition, Cloud Computing, Smart, Hardware, Healthcare Waste Recycling, Water Sanitation and Sewage Management, Organic Electronics, Green Technology, Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, Non- Renewable Energy Sources, Food, Agriculture , Allied sectors and other areas of social or national importance.


The Technology Business Incubation Policy is the policy document that is applicable to all incubation activities in the RIF, the policy has been three major components:

  1. Pre - Business Incubation

  2. Technology Business Incubation

  3. Virtual Incubation for companies located outside the RIF, MJPRU, Bareilly campus


RIF is open to aspiring Start-Ups, Incubatees, Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the different areas seeking support of RIF.RIF is also the nodal body to frame and monitor agreements regarding policy and their fair use by incubated companies.


The Incubation Centre shall levy charges for the services, facilities, laboratory, and equipment. These services and facilities shall be as per rules and regulations of the RIF and shall be on availability basis either through empaneled service providers or through the Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation.

Incubation Process

Step-1: Submission of an electronic or in person – Application/Idea by Potential Incubatees, Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

Step-2: Constitution and approval of the incubation evaluation committee by the directors (screening round where proposals are examined with attention to financial and technical due diligence).

Step-3: Presentation before the committee by the applicant.

Step-4: The Committee gives its recommendation and singed minutes are forwarded to the Director for approval.

Step-5: Incubation Agreement is signed for admission.

Step-6: Periodic review of the activities of the incubate company every quarter.

Step-7: In case the incubate company requires any facility of Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation, MJP, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly then they shall enter into an Usage Agreement.

Step-8: In case the incubate company requires any seed fund, they shall submit an application giving details of fund requirement with clear budget heads and enter into a separate Seed Fund Agreement containing details of repayment, etc.

Infrastructure, Support and Services provided to Incubatee

Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation (RIF) shall offer following facilities to the incubate company on availability basis

  1. Branding: Incubatees may apply for permission to brand themselves as “RIF, MJPRU, Bareilly Incubated Company” or “Incubated by “RIF, MJPRU, Bareilly”.

  2. Business Support Services: Financing, Accounting, Tax, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Legal & Advisory Services.

  3. Mentorship: RIF shall identify a mentor as requested by the company.Inhouse and Outside Mentorship by Consultants, Advisors, Faculty Members, Business Mentors, Professionals, Corporates and Industry Experts.

  4. Events: Events to facilitate Interaction and Opportunities like- Training Programmes, Workshops, Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, Competitive Events, Ideathon, Hackathon, Camps & Awareness Drives.

  5. Networking: Showcasing incubatees through Networking Events for exhibition of Products, Services and Solutions. Meetings with visitors of MJPRU, Bareilly such as Academics, Alumni, Experts, Faculties, Industry Professionals, Other Investors and Industries to build strong networks at Field, National, International levels.

  6. Shared Resources: Meeting and Conference Rooms, Idea Rooms equipped with Projectors & Audio/Video Conferencing Aids, Photocopying, Fax, Scanning Machines, Pantry Facilities, Lab & Library Facilities.

  7. Physical Infrastructure: Like Office, Workshop Space , Personal Computers, Printers, Telecom Facilities, Internet connectivity, multimedia facilities for remote Board Meetings and Video Conferences .

  8. Technical Support: Design, Simulations, Development and Testing etc.

  9. Financial Support: Seed Support, Refinement & Commercialization Grant May be provided, Subject to the Availability of Funds/Grants/ Schemes meant for the Purpose .Introduction and Support from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Banks and other Financial Institutions.May also facilitated, Subject to Availability.

  10. Period of Incubation/ Exit: The incubate company shall be offered an incubation period as decided by the Board.


    Situations in which the objectivity of an incubatee could reasonably be questioned, the Directors may establish an independent committee to take necessary steps. The decision of the Board, in this regard, would be final.


Address: Nehru Kendra, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, (U.P) India
Railway Station: 7 KM
Bus Station: 6 KM. (From Old) And 2 KM (From New/Satellite Bus Stand)
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